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Imagine being in love with someone. Imagine spending every single moment with them. Imagine the memories and pictures that the chapter in your life unfold. You told yourself that this is the one. This girl.. The one with the beautiful eyes, and those smiles that just took your breath away. You would go out of each others way just to see each other and have no worries in the world. The emptiness in your life is gone and she became your life.. Life become easier. Imagine all of that.

I.. I can’t. I thought I could. or when i did, It was only a dream and it just becomes another day. i ask myself daily and I know that I’m not alone. Theres so many people out there that struggle with the same thing I do. If i could, I would help them with their problems and make them happy before me. in my mind i have all these ways to show how much you like someone or love someone and i wish that I could actually pull them off!  

I remember when me and one of my best friends liked the same girl. I decided that he should be the one to go after her. I enjoyed his happiness. But things happened and it didn’t work out but now he’s really happy with his current relationship. I like that. but I wish that one day I can experience that too..

But hey, it’s okay. I’m enjoying who I am now. i guess it’s just something that makes me wonder. (: 

I wonder if people still use tumblr. haha. There goes another chapter in my life. 

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when ur friends have inside jokes u dont understandimage

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when you like someone more than they like you


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Ha ha seriously tho.

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“They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true.”

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Go away

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Rhythmic Gymnast Shin Soo-ji’s First Pitch. Impressive.

3rd guyy is all set to smash.

plottin on the low, schemin on the low

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Perfect gif to describe the reaction

mind blowing

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Leonardo DiCaprio is full of your shit, Academy.

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